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Retire In Panama. Places in Panama to retire to with photos and information. Boquete, Bocas del Toro, Playa Hermosa, Playa La Barqueta, Real Estate in Boquete. The focus here is on the north of the Country being where the cooler mountain regions are. Photos taken around April/May 2004.

Beware of the Rain
Beware, it rains a lot in Panama, three time the rainfall of the United Kingdom. In the rainy season it is very depressing with daily torrents for hours and hours. If you have a tin roof (many houses do) then the noise is really annoying. Also very cloudy too in the rainy season even in tourist places like Bocas Del Torro. When we arrived it was nice and sunny all the time and we decided to stay there but once the rain started we had had enough after a month and left for Margarita Island (much better climate).

Retire In Panama, Panama Boquete Mountain view (Click to enlarge)
Retire In Panama. Boquete mountain view home and cool climate. (Click to enlarge)

Retire In Panama, Beachfront house on playa la Barqueta (Click to enlarge)
Retire In Panama. Pacific beachfront house on Playa La Barqueta near the City Of David. (Click to enlarge)

BoqueteBoquete - Mountain region in Chitre near the city of David popular with Foreigners. Land of eternal spring with average temperatures 25C daytime to 15C at night. Beautiful views. First pictures taken 8 April 2004.

House in BoqueteHouse in Boquete - A rented house that we stayed in Boquete. Very nice and just 2 minutes drive to Boquete town center. On this page pictures of the garden and outside views plus a link to pictures inside the house.

Playa HermosaPlaya Hermosa - Beautiful undiscovered seafront region between city of David in Chitre and Playa Las Lajas. West Panama pacific coast.

Playa La BarquetaPlaya La Barqueta - Playa La Barqueta is an oceanfront development located on the north western pacific coast of Panama near the city of David. These photos taken around April 2004.

City Of DavidCity Of David - The nearest city to Boquete and about a half hour drive down the mountain from Boquete.

Bocas Del ToroBocas Del Toro - In the north east of Panama on the sea there are a collection of islands with the main town Bocas Del Toro. This region is also known as Bocas del Toro.

Chitre BeachesChitre Beaches - We also looked at seafront places in the Chitre region which is on the pacific coast between David and Panama City.

Retire In Panama, Maybe buy a beachfront lot in the water world of Bocas del Toro (Click to enlarge)
Retire In Panama. Maybe buy a beachfront lot in the water world of Bocas Del Toro. (Click to enlarge)

Site written by John Middlemas